Episode 80: Trust and the Future of Computing with Alistair Croll

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This is a podcast episode titled, Episode 80: Trust and the Future of Computing with Alistair Croll. The summary for this episode is: In this continuation of their earlier conversation (see Episode 79), Jon Prial and Alistair Croll, the Founder and Content Chair of Fwd50, discuss GDPR, the critical role of trust and how computing will evolve in the months and years ahead. You’ll Hear About: - Personal data and trust - The economic interests of smart agents Learn more by checking out the show notes: https://bit.ly/2NFD8Db
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Hey, there is Jon preall don't do this if I wanted to share a bit more than happened at the end of my recent conversation with Alex to crawl in a really interesting discussion my trust in the future of computing but there's no doubt that going forward every company will have to build trust with their customers by Sycamore strategically about privacy where a company might be sharing what it's doing with a customer is data what controls might be offered what actions to think about that could trust the scent of everything that gets done. So you like to hear more from Alistair chicken listen to tell me about 12 minutes, and I think you'll really enjoy it.

I'd love to just spend a few minutes with you on where this is going to go and I should be over arching umbrella that we see is crushed and explaining where we are. You mentioned that Facebook is going after it was their targets are they don't tell you that but I think we're going to have to get to the point of people are being told what's happening and try and find ways to build trust in these systems because if I give you every single piece of data that I collect about you you're never going to go through it. So I think things that are going to be here the first of the next 10 years of a human computer interface. You have a life log of your life.

You had it for a long time. It includes your vaccination history any speeding tickets you had any taxes you paid travel records across borders things like your photo stream on your Twitter. She has yet integrated together to really cross into the Black Mirror threshold. Very interesting question. The biggest of all time. Mine is one somebody get aggregated altogether beyond what Facebook has already done with all the Facebook log on the level of information that's available to anybody is massive. You just talked about traffic records vaccination records medical records for the most part of my view. Is there still walled Gardens and they have to give me some level of trust within that world's Walled Garden and now you've got me so let's keep going this cuz this is the reaction I have with people when we talked about this a lot.

That would give someone a man's Tower right? Yes. We should have that power only. The individual would be I believe very strongly that we should invade in our Constitution's with nobody should know more about you than you do but that's easy to pass the buck on if your Facebook you can just say, well it was in there under a security preferences general settings notifications date of Google actually does a pretty good job. I'm actually a big boy, there's some things that a lot of people argue against your travel from Google Maps and search how to delete it all and shows how to edit it and yourself review it. So Google has made a decision that it's not enough to have a life. She is everybody has a Google for sure that it's not enough to analyze that life.

Turn off the entry remote user. I've got useful information for personal begin what happens when a person has an organizational beginner. So when people are using or see how you should design for Mobility the notifications option, just let me tell you what's going on before all your endorphins keep erasing in your brain. Just stop for a second. Let me tell you what's happening. Is it is that what you mean by Interruption Interruption, but every time you have sushi your blood pressure goes up. Hey, I noticed that you know, it seems to be when you're in this city that you spend 20% of your disposable income heads-up that you may want to

Tell yourself. Are you sure you want this old people of 30% of the time in the morning and then just before lunch when their blood sugar drops. They were you showing no parole. So your chance of parole in a 60% chance to 60% depending on whether or not the judges blood sugar was high or low. I would like that judge overrule it but this is a very good thing and so the problem the bargain that we are making is we will share in Minsk on texts about our lives in return for a cognitive upgrade. I could not function without the tools around me. I think most people can't find a way around without a map. Can't remember their friends at the phone.

Cognitive. Okay that that writes to know no one should know more about you than you do is a very interesting say no because today I is used on us not by us. What are the reasons for that? This is the end of my strength thinking on the process. What is the can you name me the top four agents of people use today personal agent. I was so true Google Maps out the amount you consider that an agent but clearly there is Google Cortana right now Facebook devices as well. If yeah, how are those devices paid for find me later when Amazon offers me the next product will in the end. They also do flywheel stuff, you know, okay by me another thing a dishwasher soap.

It was I was trying to get you to buy things on Amazon. The other ones are the problem. Is it in the last twenty or thirty years? We decided media should be free things are paid for by ads and because we send the last twenty or thirty years should be free agents should be free agents if this Trifecta, the personal data smart agent interface is the future of computing Gary the are prosthetic brains of objective function that are not maximize. I was just talking to stay are maximized Amazon's revenues and I think we are going to your concern about all I would hate for you. I would love to have a thing that understands everything about you.

This time of day so I blocked all your meetings from 10 to noon. The modern world almost always have a misaligned objective function. This is a fascinating great macro-level discussion. And we're talking about the big guys in the Facebook's in the Amazon Echo real Annette and terms of trust. I'm a bank at one of my customers has a particular credit card that I know from the day time getting through whatever Source baby. I'm buying change to somewhere else that this person has a lot of travel. I should have travel credit card. I don't mind that offer. I want the trust to say to me by the way John we had we do look at your data. You did click on this terms and conditions in maybe we're all that clear about it tell you what will you do in terms of how we capture the day to make your life better? And by the way, we think you should get the credit card.

Who's in the Isle of Man of Australia's and the old man has a population of 85000 people and see how big are small and it has to be for you to be a big fish national identity and I have people saying to me while I was there how dare they try and impose a single identity has a lot of these people older more traditional don't really want to be a police officer from the police government's wants to know if you're entitled to a handicap parking permit.

Goes and asks the daughters. Can I have a medical record to make sure this person is here yet for the police to send a message to some Central system is this person's ID in the police? Just ask the hospital about your medical conditions for the purpose of a driver's license. So what happened and what's interesting about that is you would now need a warrant to not tell someone if I was under investigation for a crime. Hopefully when I do the cops might want to look into my data without you seeing it did have to go to a judge and say your honor we have reasonable cause to believe this person is engaged a criminal act.

North tell them that we're looking for the judge to have to wait to go and look at this person's data without telling them and if the case is around that person could see what was honest and why can't I have that I want to be notified if a bunch of people you have to opt out of being interrupted about how people using your data, whereas today you have to opt into that you flipped it and transparency is the default informing is the only way to go you build in these interruptions to tell somebody was going on with your bank telling them. I'm going to offer you this credit card for this reason or being told that they were checking your boxes of that is a great great way to end.

latest news of a positive thought in terms of how to turn trust into something very proactive and then

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In this continuation of their earlier conversation (see Episode 79), Jon Prial and Alistair Croll, the Founder and Content Chair of Fwd50, discuss GDPR, the critical role of trust and how computing will evolve in the months and years ahead. You’ll Hear About: - Personal data and trust - The economic interests of smart agents Learn more by checking out the show notes: https://bit.ly/2NFD8Db